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Welcome Parents & Students

Welcome to Pivot Charter School, a tuition-free, public, non-profit charter school located in the Tampa Bay area. We offer a unique learning experience for middle and high school students, blending technology with live teacher instruction across a range of academic subjects. Our technology certification programs give students the skills they need to succeed in a technology-driven world. Located in Riverview, we have been serving the community for over a decade, and our commitment to empowering and engaging all of our students helps them achieve excellence in both learning and citizenship. If you are a parent looking for a high-quality education for your middle or high school student, look no further than Pivot Charter School.

2023-2024 Supply List

Attention Parents! Get ready for the upcoming school year at Pivot Charter School! We are excited to provide you with the requested supply lists for the 2023-2024 academic year. Simply click the link below to access the lists and start preparing for a successful year ahead!

Please note that these lists will be updated regularly throughout the summer. If you don't find a specific list for your child's class at the moment, don't worry! We encourage you to check back periodically to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated staff. We can't wait to see you and your child thrive at Pivot Charter School!

Seeking Volunteers for 2023-2024 Parent-Teacher Organization

We are seeking volunteers to establish a 2023-2024 Parent-Teacher Organization. A PTO is a powerful partnership between parents and teachers that enhances the educational experience for students. By working together, we can achieve great things for our school and our children. Benefits include: 

  • Provides extra resources and support for students through fundraising efforts

  • Organizes educational/fun events and activities that enrich the student's learning experience

  • Provides opportunities for parents to get involved and have a say in their child's education

  • Fosters open communication and collaboration between parents, teachers, and school administration for the benefit of the students

  • Helps create a stronger and more supportive school community for the benefit of students and parents

2023 Graduation Pictures

Celebrate the achievements of our Class of 2023 graduates with a collection of unforgettable graduation moments! We are thrilled to provide families and guardians access to a curated selection of graduation photographs. Relive the joyous occasion by downloading, printing, and sharing these cherished memories with your loved ones.

To access the photographs, simply click on the following link:


Please note that while we have made every effort to capture the essence of the day, we apologize if we missed any specific moments you were hoping to see. We invite you to contribute your own pictures to the collection by emailing them to We would be delighted to include them for everyone's enjoyment.

Side Note: Please remember that the teacher that took these was not a professional photographer, however, offered her services freely in an attempt to capture some of the memorable moments to share with families. If you have any concerns or requests for photo removal, kindly inform us, and we will promptly address them. The photographs will be available for 60 days following the graduation, accessible through the provided link.

Congratulations once again to our remarkable graduates!

School Calendar

August 03, 2023 - Faculty First Day
August 10, 2023 - Student's First Day of School
September 4, 2023 - Labor Day (No School)
October 12, 2023 - 1st Quarter Ends
November 11, 2023 - Veteran's Day (No School)

November 20 - 24, 2023 - Fall Break (No School)
November 27, 2023 - Students Return from Break
December 19 - 21, 2023 - Semester I Exams
December 22, 2023 - 2nd Quarter Ends
Dec. 25 - Jan. 5, 2024 - Winter Break (No School)

Contact Us


3020 S Falkenberg Rd

Riverview, FL  33578

(P): (813) 626-6724

(F): (813) 626-6712

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 DCF Report Abuse Hotline phone number, 1-800-962-2873

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